Do you travel a lot? Are you vegan or? If James has 3 apples and Sally gives him 5, is it likely that James will think Sally wants to suck his dick?

have you read my blog

-i spent like may 2013-july 2014 away from my home so i did and i’m always down to go out and see shit 

-i’m not vegan, i guess i can’t really call myself much of anything cause i will eat fish and eggs and chicken every once in a great while but on the whole i really like eating fruits and veggies and uh avoiding meat? so idk

-your mom

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Tumblr Feminists vs. the world

Tumblr Feminist: A boy said something I didn't like. I'm so oppressed.
Woman in Nigeria: I was forced to suffer genital mutilation.
Woman in Saudi Arabia: I have no rights. I will be killed for disobeying.
Woman in South Africa: Men rape virgins believing it cures AIDS.
Woman in India: Women are gang raped in public.
Tumblr Feminist: Will you all shut up? I'm talking about REAL oppression here!

hey. out of curiosity did you miss the part of that article that said lukyanova is 'against racial mixing, she is also a firm believer in Hitler’s Nazi ideologies, anti-semitism, the super Aryan race, and racial segregation. She does not believe in helping the less fortunate and feels “uncomfortable” around those with disabilities.' cause like. thats fucked up. call it being someone who judges but theres nowhere in my good graces for people who can't see beyond an outer appearance.


no, i didn’t miss that. i’ve watched a number of interviews with her, & videos of her speaking in her belief, etc. it doesn’t bother me. though i don’t agree with all she says, i don’t believe ANYONE’s belief is bad or good, whether i stand with or against it. i think those who share their opinions without being asked are the only ones being ‘fucked up’. i don’t feel anyone’s opinion or belief, on it’s own, is fucked up.

my ask was begat from <that

like. how does ur brain do that thing